Friday, April 29, 2011

A kick to the groin...

When I think of the tragic catastrophe of yesterday in Marrakesh my heart aches. The loss of all these lives, the wounded... It fills me with rage. I revised my stance on capital punishment. If the monster is not already shredded to pieces, and I really hope he's alive, I want him caught, and I want him executed in public. Some people just don't deserve the air they breath.

The amount of damage a few, or maybe just one deranged individual can bring to a whole country is staggering. I have cold sweat thinking of the situation this act of savagery is putting us in. Not only the dead and the wounded, may be maimed and scarred to life, this is going to affect the lives of thousands of people in Marrakesh, Essaouira, Ouarzazate and even the countryside. Hard times are ahead. Friends tell me people are packing and leaving on the first opportunity, not only tourists but residents too, and reservations are being cancelled en masse. What has taken so many years to build has been shattered, and it will take years to mend. In the meantime, people will lose jobs, income, and there is no other real alternative. That's a real kick to the groin.

Those who did this should hang. To hell with human values.