Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why Aljazeera Arabic is despicable!

It has been a long time since I've watched Aljazeera, so I've forgot the kind of skewed treatment it applies to many many stories in order to advance its agenda. I have no problem with that, just don't pretend to be the paragon of fair and independent journalism.

See how this story about the campaign to repel the article 475 of the penal code goes:

First, they went out of their way to point out that it originated in a French law in the sixties. Common sense tells me that the practice is older by centuries, but who knows, I'm no legal expert.

Second, in a room chock full of Moroccan women from NGO leaders to lawyers to the very mother of the victim who's death propelled this issue forth, they chose to interview a foreign activist. That's fine, she says the usual stuff, good sentiment and all, nothing new.

Until this point there is nothing wrong with the reportage, other than being very short and thus very superficial. But then, the journalist says:
In such cases, doubts appear over the intent of foreign compassion, that often finds a way in, only when a society fails to handle its victims by itself.   
Really? That's your summary? This is what you think it all boils down to?

This is despicable. Ok, we get it, you thrive on conspiracy theories and the "foreigners" that are responsible for every problem, drive every protest and keep everyone backwards in the "Arab world". This is your bread and butter, and if someone is stupid or paranoid enough to believe you, they deserve your insidious coverage. But this is crossing a line. It's insulting to the late Mina, to her family, to the activists who raised hell to get this story to the public, to everyone who were moved by this tragic story and the injustice that is being perpetrated, from wherever they might be. It's insulting to every Moroccan, and I'm proud that in all the coverage that this story got, not one, not a single one article or comment I came across alleged to "foreign hands" or a "conspiracy to smear the country". I'm very pleased that there is still enough common sense and decency in this country that outrage was directed to the real culprits, us. Our society, our institutions, our government and representatives. This was truly beautiful, something to kindle again my faith in our ability to confront problems and advance.

So, dear Aljazeera Arabic, screw you!