Monday, August 9, 2010

Personal note:

Today, you're officially over the 90 kg red line.
Tomorrow starts the diet, near term goal 85 kg,
ultimate goal 75 kg.

Aja Aja fighting!


  1. uhm u_u

    I'm cheering you up until 80 8B ,not farther.

    You may want to try the Ramadan diet if you fast ya know 8D! dates handle your brain's needs and give enough powerup for regular journey's tasks: so the 10 dates-a-day diet is very efficient u__u

  2. The plan is to get to 75 then regain some, purposefully and stabilise, as opposed to reverting to 85 and have to start again. Believe it or not, I saw this coming, gave it serious thought, and did nothing of course!

    You mean ten date a day full stop right? riiiiiiiiiight -___-

    hmmm.. I'm quite sure my brain doesn't function in Ramadan at all... There is a moment of rare lucidity just after the second Harira bowl when my brain knows I should stop, then I see Msemen, Briouet, Chebakia or Avocado juice and my brain blacks out again..

    T___T I'm hopeless!

  3. XD Poor scsou!

    Dude, the 10-dates-a-day is "really" efficient: I advised my roomate to follow on (but she did weight way more than 100 kg so she was really desperate and willing) and by the first week, she'd lost 7 kg believe it or not u___u!

    So, you're the blacking-out kind of person huh 8D?

    I can easily understand that since I love eating 8B and that Ramadan's table is always too full ^^.

  4. hope you dont forget that today is tomorrow - and tomorrow - Eid Mubarak