Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On lyrics carnage

Some of my friends are real music snobs. You know the kind who listen to "serious" music, Oum Kalthoum, Abdelwahab, Marcel Khalifa, Brassens, Reneaud, or Melhoun... While I find most of that boring or simply unpalatable

So every time discussion broaches this topic I maintain a prudent silence, ready to dodge any question. It would be embarrassing to reveal how poor, by their standards, is my musical taste.

Mostly K-pop, J-pop and (worst of all) Bollywood! No "good" music their, no meaningful and important lyrics. I don't understand these anyway, so as long as it sounds good to me, it's OK. Actually when I bother to check translated lyrics, from time to time, it sounds cheesy at best, or complete nonsense, and not all of it is simply screwed translations.

It's disappointing but I don't really mind, i don't understand it and i don't possess much poetic sensibility anyway. But when it comes to Arab pop, ir really bothers me because I do understand, if not the sense or allegory (if there is any) but the actual words, and they often make no sense. Sometimes, i's hard to believe there are professional lyricists who make them and actually get paid doing that!

Unfortunately, my little devil of a niece likes them loud, rhythmic and compatible with the intellectual level of the toddler she is. However it's very convenient to have her hop up and down, going in circles and other unarticulated, indescribable movements. That's time she's not looking for ways to hurt her self or excuses to cry and make you miserable (the great experience of (unpaid) babysitting, very effective population control incentive, it worked on me for sure). Actually if you time it well, with appropriate enthusiastic encouragement and enough variety, and at the expanse of personal participation if no one is around to witness the disgrace, you can wear her down enough for a little nap!

Her favourite these days, so unavoidable, is this:

It says:

if you feel scared of the Ifreet, it pops,
gets down,
stays put,
so it matters you don't get scared

Really I don't get it.. and 3aw 3aw 3aw (equivalent of boo)? seriously, either the lyricist is an genius, mentally retarded, or there is something wrong with me because I don't get it.... And what's the relevance of these shapely legs in heels and short shorts?

Besides, his voice is awful

3aw 3aw 3aw..

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