Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cul de sac

So this blog has been dead for maybe a year or so, and in decline for several months before. What little it contained was but garbage, so it erased it all.
I also lost track of most of the blogs I used to follow and just didn't respond to some e-mails...

But I digress. About this blog, I still don't know if I should keep it. I don't even know the reason of its existence in the first place.

So this note is going to be on top for some time, till I decide on the matter, find a new motivation or just carry on and forget about it, but if you happen to pass by and read it and have anything to say ... you know what to do. ^^


  1. Come on man... we're here for you!

  2. Well, why don't you tell us what your hopes are instead? For yourself, your country, the world? Tell us about the strange funny little things (and I know there are some!) that you notice in daily life, that you've always wondered if other people notice. Maybe you don't think it's important, but we might.

  3. I have never read any of your posts before, but I am willing to come back and read whatever you have to say, as long as it's related to our Marrok

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  5. never mind your blog hahaha

    tsedek is back?±±?±?±?±?±?±?±?

  6. YES!! You come back Xoussef!! Right now. And don't even think about refusing this order :D